Bulgarian Rose

Bulgarian Rose
Bulgarian oil-bearing rose – Rosa Damascena Mill – became the symbol of Bulgaria gave the world the famous Bulgarian rose oil. History remembers times when its price was close to the price of gold. Since then it is called “liquid gold”. This “gold” is the basis of the products offered by Bulgarska Rosa PLC – Karlovo.
The company Bulgarska Rosa PLC – Karlovo is a successor to decades of tradition in the processing of rose blossoms from the famous Valley of Roses and in the production of natural aromatic products and high quality cosmetic products.
Nowadays it perfects the tradition, and in response to the modern needs of its demanding clients develops new innovative approaches. To the well-known products new assortments are added, containing various natural ingredients and the products gain trust with their efficiency and hundred-percent safety.
The assortment list of Bulgarska Rosa PLC – Karlovo includes:
– cosmetic series Lady’s Joy, Rose and Rose Yoghurt, involving natural rose oil, natural rose water, own production
– cosmetic series Lady’s Joy Luxury, involving organic rose oil and organic rose water
– cosmetic series SPA Energy, involving extract of black caviar and seafood
– aromatherapy handmade glycerine soaps
– aromatherapy bath salts
– natural oils for body massage and many other diverse products.

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