Biodent Almond Oil 100% pure 50 ml.

Biodent Almond Oil 100% pure 50 ml.
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Almond oil is a popular essential oil commonly used in aromatherapy. It is suitable for most skin types. It is also commonly used as an ingredient in many baby skin care range of products. Below are some of the benefits of almond oil for skin:

Almond oil is rich in vitamin A, B and E, which are great for skin health. In fact, most skin care products are loaded with these vitamins. The oil helps to maintain moisture levels of the skin and gets absorbed in a jiffy – without blocking the pores. Overall, almond oil – when used for skin care – helps to:
- Improve the complexion and retain the glow
- Moisturize deeper and better
- Soothe skin irritation and skin inflammation
- Relieve dry and irritated skin
- Nourish skin, making it softer and smoother
- Cure chapped lips and body rashes.

Almond oil is excellent in reversing and preventing signs of ageing by renewing skin cells and invigorating the skin. You can get younger, fresher and more radiant skin by applying almond oil regularly.

The skin tends to look dull due to accumulation of dead skin cells. These skin cells originate due to external factors like pollution, dirt, sweat, etc. In order to get rid of these dead skin cells and brighten up the skin, make a pack by crushing 4-5 almonds, a teaspoon of milk, a few drops of lemon juice and gram flour. Combine the ingredients and apply the mixture on your face. Keep it on for at least 30 minutes before washing it off with water. Alternatively, a scrub can be made using a tablespoon of almond oil and a teaspoon of sugar. Massage this scrub on the face in small circular motions to get rid of dead skin cells and blackheads.

Almond oil is Good Solution For Psoriasis And Eczema

Almond oil helps in reducing inflammation, itching and redness of the skin. Make a mixture by adding 2 tablespoons of almond oil, 5 drops of German Chamomile oil, 5 drops of lavender oil and 3 drops of vitamin E oil. Apply the mixture on your skin several times a day to ease the symptoms and get rid of cracked skin and other skin problems.
Due to sun exposure, many parts the face and body tend to get dark and tanned. To remove the layer of tan, make a paste of almond oil, honey, lime juice and milk powder. Apply the paste on the affected area and leave it on for 20 minutes. Wash it off with water. This will help get rid of the tan and also restore the lost moisture of your skin.
50 ml.

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