According to many clinical and laboratory studies effective control of excessive sweating is possible through products containing optimum concentration of aluminum salts, which have antiperspirant action. Odorex series offers two products with optimal concentration and maximum effect.
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BioTrade ODOREX DEO Antiperspirant Spray 50 ml.
Odorex Deo is an antiperspirant spray with prolonged action against sweat and odor of the armpits. I..
Άνευ ΦΠΑ: 23,90€
BioTrade ODOREX FOOT Antiperspirant for Feet 50 ml.
Odorex Foot is an antiperspirant spray against feet odor with prolonged action. It stops the sweatin..
Άνευ ΦΠΑ: 24,90€
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