BioTrade Melabel Sun Protection Cream SPF50+ 50 ml.

BioTrade Melabel Sun Protection Cream SPF50+ 50 ml.
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Κωδικός Προϊόντος: BIOT013
EAN: 3800221840099
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Light and non-greasy hydrating sunscreen for face and neck. Melabel Sun SPF 50+ provides very high broad-spectrum protection from UVA/UVB rays. Prevents skin from ageing due to UVA radiation and skin burning due to the UVB radiation and reduces the risk of precancerous and cancer formations. Provides strong antioxidant defence with pure vitamin E, thus protecting from environmental damage. Melabel Sun SPF 50+ is suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive and pale skin. Indicated  for solar allergies, pregnancy (prevents the appearance of hyperpigmentations) and it is the first choice for sun protection after chemical peels, laser and surgical procedures.

Leaves skin soft and smooth
Fragrance free
PABA free

Apply a liberal amount every morning on the face and neck 15 minutes before going out. Reducing the amount considerably diminishes the level of protection. To maintain the optimal level of protection during intensive and continuous sun exposure (seaside, mountains), reapply Melabel sun every 3 hours, as well as after swimming or patting dry with a towel. The regular use of sun-protecting cream is the best protection for the skin from premature aging, undesired pigmentations and pre-cancer and cancer skin formations.
Attention: Do not expose yourself and your children to the sun for an extended period of time, even when you use sun-protective products.

If you experience burning, itching or redness cease use of the product. If complaints are not resolved within three days, consult a dermatologist.

For very pale and sensitive skin
In cases of sun allergies
After chemical or laser peels
For skin prone to freckles or other hyperpigmentations
For prevention of sunburns

Protects from UVA and UVB rays
Protects the skin from sunburn and premature aging due to UV radiation
Reduces the risk of cancer and pre-cancerous formations
Hydrates the skin
Has antioxidant effect
Non comedogenic
Does not leave a greasy finish on the skin

50 ml.
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