Schwarzkopf Color Expert Suprême-Care Color Cream

Schwarzkopf Color Expert Suprême-Care Color Cream
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* Schwarzkopf Color Expert Cream:

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The salon hype for colouration and care.

This innovative formula, inspired by the professional PLEX and BOND revolution, is available in 15 luscious shades including rich brunettes, luminous blondes, Deep Amethyst, Intense Red and Natural Black, delivering up to 100% grey coverage. The OmegaPLEX innovation works on the Micro-Bonds, which hold together the hair fibrils inside each hair fibre and provide hair with strength and structure. During colouring these Micro-Bonds can break leaving hair dry, brittle and prone to damage. The Color Expert technology Omegaplex reinforces these Micro-Bonds, protecting hair against Up to 90% less breakage during and after colouring. It gives improved hair quality and an exceptional colour result. 

Each box of Color Expert contains the 3-step OmegaPLEX professional Anti-Breakage technology: 
1. PROTECT The Anti-Breakage Serum (N°1) protects the Micro-Bonds during colouring. 
2. SEAL After colouring, the Repair Sealer (N°2) deeply repairs the hair fibre, sealing the colour intensity. 
3. REINFORCE After 3 weeks, the Repair Reviver (N°3) reconstructs the hair from within for beautified results.

Instructions for use: 
1. Mixing Snap open the Anti-Breakage Serum, at the marked line. Then, carefully squeeze the entire contents into the Applicator Bottle. Pierce the Color Expert Colour Cream tube with the reverse of the cap and carefully squeeze the entire contents into the Applicator Bottle. Place the cap back on the Application Bottle and close it securely. Shake the bottle vigorously until all ingredients are mixed into a smooth cream. Then twist off the tip of the cap and immediately start with the application process as follows. 
2. Application:
OPTION 1: FIRST-TIME APPLICATION: Apply the prepared mixture evenly from the roots to the ends of your hair. Then massage the mixture in with your fingertips to ensure all hair is evenly covered. Leave to develop for 30 minutes. Except for shades 10-2 and 12-0, for the first application, leave the mixture in for 45 minutes. 
OPTION 2: ROOT REGROWTH APPLICATION: Apply ⅔ of the mixture throughout the whole regrowth area. Massage the hair gently with your fingertips to ensure all of the regrowth is covered. Leave to develop for 20-30 minutes. Apply the remaining mixture throughout the mid lengths and ends of the hair. Massage well and leave for an additional 5-10 minutes. Except for shades 10-2 and 12-0, we recommend 35 minutes for regrowth areas and an additional 10 minutes for the remaining sections. 
3. Rinsing & After Treatment At the end of the developing time, rinse out thoroughly until the water runs clear. Afterwards, massage the specially developed Repair Sealer into towel-dried hair and leave it for 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. After 3 weeks, apply the Repair Reviver No. 3 into towel-dried hair and leave it in for 1 minute. Rinse thoroughly. Your hair will be left feeling softer and stronger and looking shinier. 

1. Results may vary on previously coloured hair. 
2. For best results when applying on bleached hair, please contact the Schwarzkopf Advisory Service. 
3. If your hair is very dry or in poor condition, do not apply the colour to the ends of your hair until the last 5 minutes of your developing time. Otherwise this could result in a more intensive or lighter colour. 
4. Do not use Color Expert two weeks before or after having a perm as the colour result may be too intense or uneven. 
5. We recommend repeating the application every 4 weeks, as hair grows approximately 1 cm per month. 
6. Colour stains on the skin can easily be removed with skin toner on a cotton pad. 
7. Avoid contact with clothing, plastic or absorbent surfaces as product will stain. In event of spillage, rinse immediately with cold water. 

MICRO-BOND PROTECTION - Micro-Bonds hold together the hair fibrils inside each hair fibre. Micro-Bonds give the hair strength & structure. 
- During colouring, these Micro-Bonds might break. OMEGAPLEX protects & reinforces the Micro-Bonds against breakage during and after colouring. Before application, please read the SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS carefully. 
- Perform an ALLERGY ALERT TEST (see instructions below) in any case, even if you have used this or a similar colourant previously. 
- Start the application immediately after mixing. If using two packs, first mix and apply the first pack entirely, and then open, mix and apply the second pack without any delay. 
- Discard any unused mixture promptly. Do not attempt to store or reseal after mixing. Resealing may cause the container to burst. 
- If your hair is longer than shoulder length or thick, we recommend using 2 packs of Schwarzkopf Color Expert for the first time application. 
- If your hair is already coloured, follow the ROOT REGROWTH APPLICATION procedure. 
- Results may vary on previously coloured hair.

2x50+1.8+2x22.5 ml.

1.0 Rich Black (2150735)
1.1 Inky Black (2150438)
3.0 Dark Brown (2150753)
4.0 Cool Brown (2150403)
4.54 Dark Caramel (2150431)
4.68 Dark Sunlit Mahogany (2150385)
4.9 Dark Violet (2150405)
5.3 Natural Brown (2150448)
6.0 Light Brown (2150430)
6.65 Golden Chocolate (2150729)
6.68 Hazelnut Light Brown (2150447)
6.88 Burgundy Red (2149228)
7.0 Dark Blonde (2150452)
7.7 Copper Dark Blonde (2150458)
8.0 Medium Blonde (2151531)
9.1 Cool Light Blonde (2150713)
9.3 Honey Blonde (2150685)
10.1 Icy Blonde (2150703)
10.21 Pearl Blonde (2151522)
12.0 Ultra Blond (2150693)

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